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PCRun is a point of care kit that enables quick, easy and reliable molecular detection of common infectious diseases in animals, from the comfort of a vet clinic or lab


ImmunoComb is a quick, simple and portable pet-patient antibody test. It provides “in clinic” semi-quantitative ELISA results, within approximately 25 minutes


VacciCheck is a core vaccine titer test that allows veterinarians to confirm their pet patients’ protection and plan an individual vaccination program

VacciCheck Titer Testing

Enter a new age of pet-patient protection with the VacciCheck® titer test kit. Using a dot-ELISA-based system and validated against gold standard tests (VN and HI), VacciCheck provides fast, reliable and affordable confirmation of core disease immunity for dogs and cats.

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Experts Say


Richard B. Ford, DVM, PhD

MS Emeritus Professor of Medicine Diplomate ACVIM and ACVPM (Hon)

““Positive” antibody test results for the core diseases not only correlate with protection, but indicate that the patient has produced long-term immune (B-cell) “memory”.”


Michael R. Lappin, DVM, PhD

Diplomate, ACVIM, Professor, Internal Medicine

“This study demonstrated that the PCRun Mycoplasma haemofelis Molecular detection Kit now offers a valid, easy to use, fast, point of care PCR test kit for the veterinarian clinic and lab alike.”


Ronald Schultz, DVM, PhD

Honorary Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Microbiology

“This test is a rapid, simple, reliable and cost-effective “in house” assay and is especially useful to determine if a dog requires additional vaccination.”