The benefits are clear

Rapid results

Never leave pet owners in the lurch again. Obtain accurate results in just 10 minutes, with single-step ImmunoRun.

Highly reliable

ImmunoRun is a highly sensitive test, enabling high specificity and high accuracy.

Easy implementation

Immunorun is a “YES / NO” test kit, easy to perform and easy to read, reducing your lab-time and allowing you to invest more time with your clients and patients.

The cost-effective choice

The ImmunoRun test-kit is ideal for vet clinics of all sizes. Convenient pack sizes of 5 or 50 tests make lateral flow testing more affordable than ever!


New Kits

ImmunoRun New Kits

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new and improved ImmunoRun kits! We have expanded our portfolio to include sensational new combo panels with enhanced sensitivity and specificity!

With this groundbreaking technology, veterinarians can now perform accurate point-of-care diagnostics right at their clinics or even from the comfort of their patients’ homes!

Instruction Manuals