The benefits are clear

The ImmunoComb is based on two components, the comb and the plate. The comb’s twelve teeth are activated with specific antigens localized to dots. Antigens are “building blocks” elements of the tested disease agents.

Easy to use

ImmunoComb can easily be performed by any veterinary professional – no lab-technician required! And ImmunoComb is highly portable.

Rapid results

ImmunoComb has an especially fast turn-around time for an ELISA test– providing vets with “on the spot” answers, enabling a swift and accurate diagnosis to be provided.

Highly accurate

ImmunoComb is a highly accurate diagnostic tool, providing quantitative results that easily translate into a more accurate diagnosis, when compared to a lateral flow test.

ImmunoComb – Fast turn-around that allows for a more accurate infectious disease treatment.

Technical Information

Material Safety

Video Tutorial


See how you can use the ImmunoComb® FCoV Antibody Test Kit for measuring serum IgG antibody levels of FCoV in cats, to monitor FCoV infections and assist in the diagnosis of FIP.

Watch this video and learn How to ImmunoComb® Canine Ehrlichia Antibody Test Kit can help to diagnoses Ehrlichia canis, a significant level of IgG anti-E. canis antibodies are produced by dogs following infection.

Watch tWatch the video and learn how you too can use ImmunoComb to evaluate your patients’ response to vaccination or infection by Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and Distemper Virus (CDV).



Validate your thirst for knowledge and learn everything there is to know about ImmunoComb. Clinical papers, guidelines, reviews and more.

Canine Kits

Comparison of a clinic-based ELISA test kit with the immunofluorescence test for the assay of Ehrlichia canis antibodies in dogs, Waner et al., 240 J Vet Diagn Invest 12:240–244 (2000)

Comparison ELISA_IFA Ehrlichia canis

Feline Kits

A clinical comparative study of four indirect immunofluorescent antibody tests (IFAT), one enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) (FCoV Immunocomb; Biogal) and three rapid immunochromatographic (RIM) tests against a panel of samples designated by consensus as positive or negative

The utility of feline coronavirus antibody tests

Vaccicheck UK Paper

A field and experimental trial to assess the performance of the ImmunoComb Canine VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit
Ronald Schultz et al.

Avian Kits

Nursing of large psittacines in practice, Fiona Froehlich, Neil Forbes, Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 30 • June 2015 • Page 167

Nursing Psittacines in Practice

SEROPREVALENCE OF Chlamydia psittaci IN CAPTIVE MACAWS (Ara spp.) IN THE DEPARTMENT OF LIMA, PERU, Nancy Carlos, Elizabeth Portuguez Luyo, Cienc. anim. bras., Goiânia, v.19, 1-7, e-44704, 2018

Avian Study October 2018

Antibody Testing for Chlamydia psittaci using a rapid ELISA-KIT, U. Bendheim et al.

Avian Chlamydia psittaci

Complementary Products


Biogal’s CombCam is an automated reading device that objectively reads VacciCheck / ImmunoComb…

RoboComb+ Automated Operation Device


RoboComb+ is an automated operation device tailor-made for the performance of your essential test’s ImmunoComb and VacciCheck.

Plate warmer

Biogal’s Plate Warmer was designed to shorten the warming process time of the VacciCheck & Immunocomb’s plates…