Confirm Your Pet’s Protection with VacciCheck

You want the best for your pets – and you deserve it! That’s why, at Biogal, our team works tirelessly to provide your vets with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, capable of giving them the opportunity to choose the best course of treatment for your pets. With Biogal’s VacciCheck, our innovative “in-clinic” titer test, we’ve got your pets’ protection covered!

Titer test to confirm your pet’s protection

Core vaccines protect our pets from serious and life-threatening infectious diseases and every puppy/kitten should be vaccinated against core diseases at recommended intervals, but according to the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines; the principles of ‘evidence based veterinary medicine’ suggest that testing for antibody status (for either puppies or adult dogs), should be better practice than simply administering a vaccine booster on the basis that this would be ‘safe and cost less.”

The reason is, that although core vaccinations are considered safe, and although the development, production and marketing of vaccines undergoes rigorous series of studies and certification procedures, there might be adverse reactions for your pets following vaccinations, such as fever, allergic reactions (from mild reactions up to anaphylactic shock), immune mediated diseases and even death in very rare cases.

As such, titer testing before vaccinating, is supported by two of the most important vaccination guidelines: the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Veterinarians agree: core vaccines are necessary for dogs and cats but should not be given willy-nilly, but rather according to each individual pet patient’s needs.

Titer testing for core vaccines, helps you confirm your pet’s protection, by revealing if antibodies against core diseases are present in your pet’s blood, ensuring your pet  is being vaccinated when needed, while avoiding unnecessary vaccinations.

This is the foundation and mission supporting the development of VacciCheck, a leading titer test for dogs and cats.

Confirm your pet’s protection – validate before you vaccinate.