New product | Babesia spp. Molecular Diagnostic Kit

New product | Babesia spp. Molecular  Diagnostic Kit
Babesia spp. Molecular Diagnostic Kit

New product | Babesia Species


  • Canine Babesiosis is a worldwide, primarily tick-borne, protozoal disease

  • Babesia infections can be acute, subclinical, or chronic

  • a big cause of hemolytic anemia and other immune-mediated mechanisms

pcrun babesia kit canine

Due to movement of infected animals,  and ticks, geographic range of many Babesia species is expanding.



  • Intended for detection of B. canis, B. vogeli, B. rossi, B. gibsoni, B. negevi in DNA isolated from canine whole blood
  • Limit of Detection The PCRun reaction can detect 10³ 5μl copies of the target gene in pure DNA.
  • Time Test 10 minutes hands on // 75 minutes total

5 Different species

  • B. canis
  • B. vogeli
  • B. rossi
  • B. gibsoni
  • B. negevi

DNA Sample


Sensitivity & Specificity

98.8%  |  97.5%

The use of PCRun Babesia spp. in regions where both B.canis and B. gibsoni are common, a negative result will exclude Babesia disease.

When results are positive a further investigation should be done by using kit PCRun Babesia gibsoni or Babesia canis to determine the specific specie and thereafter the appropriate treatment.

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