PCRun® Technical Information

Discover the advantages that Biogal’s PCRun has over standard PCR tests. See all the information you need to operate PCRun in order to detect the presence of infectious diseases.

PCR testing allows for rapid and highly specific diagnosis of infectious diseases, including those caused by bacteria or viruses.

The high sensitivity of PCR permits earlier detection of acute infections  even before the onset of disease. Such early detection gives vets a significant lead time in treatment.

The PCRun methodology is easier to use and the test can be performed simply in a clinic or a lab.

PCRun also provides the same reliability  expected from PCR testing. The whole PCRun detection process is no longer than 75 minutes.

PCRun Molecular Detection Kit  makes Polymerase Chain Reaction testing:

  • Faster, more accessible & affordable PCR test
  • Flexible, meaning it can be used in small animal veterinary lab and/or clinic.
  • No need for expensive devices and multiple steps

Diagnosis in 3 steps:

  1. DNA Extraction – blood, bone marrow, urine feces, swab
  2. DNA Amplification
  3. Results Reading