PCRun® Benefits

PCRun is the point-of-care molecular detection kit that will take your vet clinic to the next level:

Easy to use

PCRun can easily be used in any vet clinic – no special training is required. If purchasing the lateral flow cassette option, then the molecular detection kits are completely self-contained, without requiring the purchase of any additional accessories.

Rapid results

Receive a point of care PCR result within one hour, requiring only 10 minutes of “hands on” time.

Improves pet-patient care

PCRun allows vets to perform a complete PCR test from the comfort of their own clinics – no need to send samples out to a lab for analysis and then wait.

Within an hour from running the test, the results are ready, accurate and easy to interpret, enabling faster care with greater chances of treatment success.

Highly affordable

With PCRun, you do not have to purchase an expensive, time consuming and complicated thermocycler. Testing in-house can be more cost effective than sending samples off to a lab, making PCRun an effective and affordable molecular detection solution.

Molecular detection has never been simpler, with PCRun.