Unique & Innovative Pet Protection Tools

At Biogal, we provide innovative veterinary science; researching and developing leading technological products for unique, efficient and cost-effective detection and diagnosis of common canine and feline diseases. Our products are easy to use/ handle from the comfort of your veterinary clinic, positioning you as the innovative pet healthcare provider pet-owners can trust.



The PCRun point of care kit enables quick, easy and reliable molecular detection of pet infectious diseases, from the comfort of a vet clinic or lab.

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A portable semi-quantitative dot-ELISA test kit, designed to aid in the diagnosis of diseases and the determination of antibody levels of companion and farm animals.

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VacciCheck is a core vaccine titer test that allows veterinarians to confirm their pet patients’ protection and plan an individual vaccination program.

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ImmunoRun is a highly reliable lateral flow kit that provides accurate results in just one step and 10 minutes of processing time.

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