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VacciCheck / ImmunoComb


Biogal’s RoboComb is an automated operation device, eliminating the time and effort to manually operate VacciCheck / ImmunoComb Antibody results. The RoboComb makes the development of VacciCheck / ImmunoComb simple, faster, automated and more accurate.

Key Benefits

  • Automated development of ImmunoComb/VacciCheck, saves time and effort.
  • “Walk Away” operation of ImmunoComb /VacciCheck results.
  • Now equivalent to a lab ELISA robot.
  • Less chance of development errors, when compared to manual development.
  • Can individually or batch test up to 12 teeth.

Develop the test in three simple steps

RoboComb Steps

The RoboComb can be used with all of the VacciCheck / ImmunoComb pet and farm animal kits.