Canine Leishmaniosis - Simple Steps for Successful In-Clinic Diagnosis

In this webinar Dr. Inbal Peled addresses clinical aspects of canine Leishmaniosis in general practice. It covers the main characteristics of the disease, disease staging, diagnostics challenges and how to make the most of in-clinic diagnostics.

our team of Experts

Dr. Inbal Peled, DVM

Clinical Adviser at Biogal

Experienced Veterinary Doctor, practicing small animal medicine and surgery for the past 20 years, formerly acting as a Medical Advisor in a global pharmaceutical company.

Bachelor of Animal Sciences degree from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Graduated DVM at Koret School of Veterinary Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Successfully completed the Statutory Membership Examination of the Royal College of Veterinary Medicine, London, UK.

Lenny Small

VP Marketing at Biogal

Lenny Small is, and has been, VP Marketing for Biogal for the past 8 years. Previous to this, he successfully marketed pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Lenny has a diploma in Biology and a degree in Business Management

Who is it for?

The webinar is primarily aimed at veterinarians who are interested in integrating molecular diagnosis in their clinics. Dr. Inbal Peled covers everything, so even if you've never examined PCR in-clinic diagnosis, you'll be able to quickly jump in.


Practice makes perfect

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