ImmunoComb v1

ImmunoComb Antibody Test Kit
A dot-ELISA portable hand-sized kit with point-of-care results for infectious diseases diagnoses

Detect and measure multiple canine, feline, avian, bovine and poultry antibodies.

Easily diagnose patients from the comfort of your veterinary clinic.

Produce extremely accurate semi-quantitative results.

Experience high specificity and sensitivity values in reference to ‘gold standard’ laboratory-quality results.

Make fast diagnoses due to a rapid turnaround.

Test up to three different antibodies simultaneously for an economical solution.

Enhance your ability to detect infectious diseases with ImmunoComb

See how you can use ImmunoComb in order to evaluate your patients IgM response to  Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and Distemper Virus (CDV) vaccination or infection.

How It Works?

The ImmunoComb is based on two components, the comb and the plate. The comb’s twelve teeth are activated with specific antigens localized to dots. Antigens are “building blocks” elements of the tested disease agents.

The plate contains 6 wells filled with different formulated reagents that enable the development of the assay. Similarly to the classic ELISA, these reagents have common functions. However, as they are contained within the development plate, they enable a simple free assay development.

“… the existence of antibodies would indicate exposure to the agent at some point in time and not necessarily an active infection.”

Traver Waner


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