VacciCheck / ImmunoComb


Biogal’s CombCam is an automated reading device that objectively reads VacciCheck / ImmunoComb Antibody Tests. The CombCam makes the reading of VacciCheck / ImmunoComb results simple, faster, digitalized and more accurate.

Key Benefits of CombCam

  • Hand sized, user friendly reader.
  • Reads individually one tooth at a time.
  • Result displayed after 3 seconds.
  • Test results can be copied to a PC or a laptop for electronic documentation.
  • “Electronic Eye” reads ImmunoComb/ VacciCheck semi quantitatively.


Read the results in three simple steps

CombCam is available for the following kits

Canine Parvo & Distemper IgM Canine VacciCheck (CAV-CPV-CDV)
Canine Ehrlichia canis Feline VacciCheck (FPV-FHV-FCV)
Canine Leptospira
Canine Brucella
Feline T.gondi & C.psittaci
Feline Corona Virus / FIP

Download CombCam’s Instruction Manuals

*When downloading the CombCam Program Setup, you might be warned about the program’s uncommon file type. We ensure you that this file is secured and you may proceed with the program installation safely.