Vaccination & Standard of Care using VacciCheck

Vaccination & Standard of Care using VacciCheck

In this webinar Professor Mary Marcondes cover the types of vaccines, classification of vaccines as core and non-core, the reasoning behind the use of multiple vaccines in primary vaccination of puppies and kittens related to the blocking effects of maternally-derived antibody (MDA) against vaccine antigens, revaccination protocols based on the duration of immunity (DOI) and the use of serological testing to assist with decision making on vaccination (whether a pup has responded to primary vaccination, whether an animal that has previously suffered an adverse reaction to vaccination requires revaccination, to determine the best vaccination protocol for an adult dog with ‘lapsed’ vaccination or of unknown vaccination history) and to reduce vaccine load in an individual animal.

Vaccination & Standard of Care using VacciCheck

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  • Understand the concept of core and non-core vaccines
  • Understand the differences between modified life and
    inactivated (or killed) vaccines and how this affects the
    vaccination protocol
  • Understand how maternal derived immunity interferes with
    primary immunization in puppies
  • Understand the importance of a preventive healthcare plan

Learn how to use serologic testing in dogs:

  • To determine protective immunity in puppies at 20 weeks and
  • To establish whether the standard 3-year revaccination interval
    can be further extended
    to manage infectious disease outbreaks in shelters

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