VacciCheck Course
VacciCheck Course

The course covers an introduction to titer testing and test handling

Biogal VacciCheck online course is designed for our distributors and sales managers as well as for clinicians lacking basic diagnostic skills and also for end customers.

The course covers an introduction to titer testing and test handling, explaining how to set up the test, what the correct vaccination protocols and validations are, how to market VacciCheck to pet owners and vets, and why VacciCheck is the most reliable solution, able to give clinical results within a matter of minutes.

Our online course is accessible from any location around the world, and enables learners the flexibility to study whenever is most convenient to them.

After successfully passing the final assessment, learners will receive Biogal’s official “VacciCheck Online Course Graduate” Certificate.

We appreciate any feedback that you might have regarding our course: info@biogal.com

Training program

Vaccination and Titer Test

  • Lesson 1. Why vaccinate?
  • Lesson 2. Vaccination Guidelines

Clinical spots

  • Spot 1. Confirming Protective Immunity in puppies
  • Spot 2. Assessment of Systemic or Chronic illnesses
  • Spot 3. The Antibody Testing Vs. Re-vaccination in Adult Dogs
  • Spot 4. Antibody Testing of Geriatric Patients

VacciCheck in-clinic antibody titer test

  • Lesson 1. VacciCheck – Product Introduction
  • Lesson 2. How to VacciCheck?
  • Lesson 3. Complementary devices
  • Lesson 4. Scientific Evidences

Why VacciCheck?

  • Lesson 1. How to sell
  • Lesson 2. Sales Script

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