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VacciCheck Course

VacciCheck Online Course

Taking into account that studying from home has become the new norm, Biogal offers its one-of-a-kind Biogal Academy online courses to our students, helping them obtain and develop diagnostic skills.

Our VacciCheck online course is designed for our Biogal distributors, sales managers and clinicians who wish to increase their diagnostic skills.

The course covers an introduction to titer testing and test handling, explains how to set up the titer test in the lab, what the correct vaccination protocols and validations are,  and most importantly – why VacciCheck is considered to be such a reliable solution that is able to give clinical results within a matter of minutes.

Our online course can be accessed from any location around the world, and enables students to study whenever is most convenient for them.

Students who pass the final assessment will receive Biogal’s official “VacciCheck Online Course Graduate” Certificate.

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Training program

As demand for vaccine titers increased, veterinary laboratories and clinics began offering antibody titer panels for dogs and cats. In response, Biogal Galed Labs developed in-clinic antibody tests.

This course will cover vaccination guidelines,  antibody titers measurements,  interpretation and applications in veterinary practices.

  • Lesson 1. Why vaccinate?
  • Lesson 2. Vaccination Guidelines
  • Lesson 3. What is titer testing?
In this module, we cover immune status, protection, herd immunity, duration of immunity, and vaccination titer assessment in clinical practice.
Certain vaccines provide immunity against disease for up to several years – but not for every animal or in all circumstances. Vaccination schedules should be based on the animal’s age, size, health, and lifestyle.
Each individual animal responds differently to vaccinations, and some lifestyles provide more opportunities for exposure to disease.
Let’s begin…A short video about the immune system in which Dr. Ford explains how it works towards vaccination

This presentation gives you an overview of Biogal’s Point of Care Titer Testing Kits. As a veterinarian, you will learn how to use the kit and in which circumstances to recommend titer testing to your client.

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  • Titer Testing and VacciCheck

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