To analyze the performance of three in-clinic test kits for the detection of
protective serum antibody titers against:


46 serum samples from vaccinated dogs – were tested for the presence of protective antibodies using three commercial in-clinic test kits:

Study design and method

Prospective comparative study (using fresh plasma samples)

  • 5 veterinary clinics (4 in the Netherlands and one in Belgium).
  • 7-10 healthy adult dogs with a known vaccination history.
  • Tests performed sequentially. Results recorded in results-form + photographic documentation.
  • Aliquot of plasma sent frozen for gold standard iter test (SN and HI) AHDC, Cornell University.



and FasTest have excellent agreement between themselves and with the Gold standard laboratory methods.

The RapidStatus kit generated different to those of  , FastTest and the reference laboratory gold standard test.

A high rate of false negatives could lead to unnecessary revaccination of dogs.

Why use ?

Added value

Grupo 9486

Vaccicheck measures CAV Ab while the FasTest does not. Although some veterinarians dismiss the importance of CAV – it is still part of the WSAVA Guidelines recommendations and is still a relevant disease.

Grupo 9485

Unlike VacciCheck, FasTest results have no diagnostic value after 20 minutes. This is especially important when there is a need for a second review of the results.

Grupo 9484

Only Vaccicheck has been evaluated and approved by the USDA (USA) and MAFF (Japan).