In-clinic canine titer tests

In-clinic canine titer tests
In-clinic canine titer test

Comparative study results from 5 clinics



To analyze the performance of   three in-clinic test kits for the detection of protective serum antibody titers against canine Adenovirus (CAV) , Parvovirus (CPV)  and  Distemper Virus (CDV).


Serum samples from 46 vaccinated dogs, were tested for the presence of protective antibodies using three commercial in-clinic test kits; Canine VacciCheck™ (Biogal, Israel), RapidStatus Titer Test (Biotech Laboratories USA) and FASTest CDV-CPV Ab (Megacor, Austria).

The accuracy of the three in-clinic test kits was evaluated against the Gold Standards, Serum Neutralization (CAV and CDV) and Hemagglutination Inhibition (CPV) performed at the Animal Health Diagnostic Center in Cornell University, New York.


The Gold Standard tests determined that all 46 dogs had antibodies against CPV, 45 against CDV and 44 against CAV. In comparison with the Gold Standard tests, the CPV sensitivity evaluations of VacciCheck, FASTest and RapidSTATUS were 98%, 98% and 78% respectively, the CDV the sensitivities of VacciCheck, FASTest and RapidSTATUS were 100%, 100% and 60% respectively and the CAV sensitivities of VacciCheck and RapidSTATUS were 98% and 57% respectively. The FASTest does not test for CAV


  1. The VacciCheck and FasTest kits have excellent agreement between themselves and with the Gold standard laboratory methods. Compared to these two kits, the RapidStatus is less reliable in identifying true positive titers. The high rate of false negative reading may lead to unnecessary revaccination.
  2. There are several advantages of the use of VacciCheck in-clinic: (i) the kit includes CAV titer testing which is part of the recommendation by the WSAVA Guidelines. CAV vaccination protects against Canine Infectious Hepatitis, a prevalent disease in many countries; (ii) VacciCheck test spots are stable, while the FasTest results have no diagnostic value after 20 min. This is especially important when there is a need for a second review of the results; (iii) VacciCheck results can be digitally recorded when using the handheld CombCam reader which provides accurate objective readings.

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