My Recent Trip to the USA

My Recent Trip to the USA

Notes from the East Coast Road Trip

Last week together with our distributor, we visited over 20 clinics in the areas of Boston and New Jersey, USA.

Some of these clinics were integrative (holistic) vet clinics and others were what I would call conventional vet clinics.

I always knew that integrative vet clinics were carrying out more titer testing to reduce over vaccination for the core canine and feline vaccines, than a typical conventional vet clinic.

However, based on this limited visit, I was surprised as to the extent of the differences:

Holistic Vets:

They are very proactive in using titer testing. In general, holistic vets we visited are all currently titer testing in significant numbers (about 240 to 600 pets per clinic per year).

Conventional Vets:

From what we noticed, most conventional vets using titer testing are currently “reactive” in their use of titer testing; meaning they use titer testing only when prompted by pet owners.

They could typically be titer testing about 12 to 24 pets annually.

As an FYI, there are now seven AAHA Titer Guideline recommendations for titer testing:

There are approximately 800 registered holistic vets in the USA

Do you as pet owners have similar experiences?