Welcoming a Bigger and Better 2021!

Welcoming a Bigger and Better 2021!

Note from our CEO

The end of one year and the start of another seems to always inspire us to naturally reflect. It typically is filled with wrapping up projects, planning strategic initiatives for the coming year while planning family celebrations, and reflecting on personal accomplishments.

Without stating the obvious, 2020 has been a challenging year marked by historical events and unforeseen changes to work and home lives; it has also been a year of learning for all of us, either as a team or at an individual level.

Our Biogal team members came together to discover and implement new ways to help our customers and partners rapidly react to the changing nature of business and customer experience.

Along with this, our Biogal family grew, and as a company, we adopted new ways to stay connected. From weekly video chats, ZOOM meetings and even virtual happy hours, we welcomed new family additions, shared recipes and new hobbies and found joy in small moments while we learned more about one another. Truthfully, this year’s adversity has brought us closer.

I can’t say thank you enough for the incredible Biogal team. I’m truly humbled by and beyond appreciative the commitment to delighting our customers, dedication to work, and genuine caring for each other.

2021 is going to be even bigger and better for Biogal!

We are proud of all we have accomplished with you, our valued customers and partners, this year. Thank you for your continued partnership, and we look forward to supporting our mutual business goals in 2021

Wishing you all, partners, customers, and employees a joyous, safe, and Happy New Year.

Marcela Raisman
CEO Biogal