Canine Vaccination – Dr Paola Dall”Ara
Recorded Webinar Paola Dall"Ara

 Canine Vaccination From Puppies To Senior Dogs By Dr Paola Dall”Ara

In this webinar Dr Paola Dall”Ara share with us her knowledge about Canine Vaccination from puppies to senior dogs! The puppies’ immune system and the double-edged weapon of Maternally Derived Antibodies (MDA): how and when to start vaccinating puppies to avoid dangerous vaccination failures, above all in the case of parvovirus infection.

 Canine Vaccination

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  • When and how vaccinating adult dogs to guarantee the best plan while limiting the risk of side effects
  • How to manage older dogs: is it better to continue vaccinating or to stop vaccinations?
  • How to control the vaccine core protection

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Dr. Paola Dall’Ara


Dr. Paola Dall’Ara

Prof. DVM, PhD


Jessica Case

Manager of Complete Veterinary Care UK

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