Biogal Tips | Anaplasma platys

Biogal Tips | Anaplasma platys
Biogal tips anaplasma platys

Biogal Tips | Anaplasma platys

Anaplasma platys (transmitted by the brown dog tick) is the cause of infectious cyclic thrombocytopenia.

Over the years, and possibly as a result of globalization and urbanization, these diseases have spread to new regions across the world.

Did you know:

  • Co-infection with additional canine vector-borne pathogens can occur. This state may exacerbate the disease severity and alter the clinical presentation resulting in a complicated diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
  • Cytology is an unreliable method of diagnosis due to cyclic parasitemia and artifacts similar to the Anaplasma inclusion bodies.

In the following slides (infographics) we summarize some important facts for diagnoses Anaplasma platys.

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