Antibody Testing: Applications in Clinical Practice
Prof Richard Ford Recorded webinar

Antibody Testing: Applications in Clinical Practice

In this webinar Prof. Richard B. Ford addresses the practical aspects of antibody testing for vaccine-preventable disease in clinical practice.

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As “vaccine hesitancy” impacts veterinary medicine, the utilization of “Vaccine Titers” (Antibody testing for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases) has growing relevance in companion animal practice.

The recent introduction of valid, Point-of-Care Tests kits provides clinicians the opportunity to objectively assess the need for, and response to, core vaccines…and do so within minutes.

This presentation addresses the 3 most fundamental issues facing veterinarians regarding application of antibody testing in practice:

  • Are test results a valid indication of protective immunity?
  • If so, what are the indications for testing individual patients?
  • How do test results (“positive” vs “negative”) impact patient management decisions?

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Prof. Richard B. Ford

Emeritus Professor of Medicine in the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University

Megan Stencer


Megan Spencer

Nextmune Country Manager US

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